Building plans; Conversing with ASL; Woman using wheelchair nears moving sidewalk; Children using computer at Community Centre; Person reading Braille

GAATES Presenting and Participating at Zero Project Conference 2016

The Zero Project Conference 2016, convened by the Essl Foundation, the World Future Council and the European Foundation Centre at the UN Vienna, Austria, has been busy highlighting up to 100 Innovative Policies and Innovative Practices concerning Inclusive Education and/or ICTs from around the world. GAATES President Mukhtar AlShibani, in addition to GAATES board members Anjlee Agarwall, Vashkar Bhattacharjee and Axel Leblois, in addition to GAATES Council of Trustees Member Shuaib Chalklen, have been representing GAATES and delivering presentations about accessible and inclusive ICTs and education. Click on the Zero Project Report to download the full report.

EXTENDED to January 12 – SURVEY on Transportation to School for Children with Disabilities

Access Exchange International in coordination with Missouri State Universtiy are pleased to launch this important survey on transportation needs of children with disabilities in developing countries. People around the world are working hard to provide better education for childrenĀ  with disabilities, either as part of regular schools or in separate schools just for children with disabilities. Often, transportation is a missing link and many children cannot get to school or center. This survey is to be completed only by the head of your residential, day, resource, inclusive, or training school or center or his or her designee. Your answers and Continue reading…