International Certification of Accessibility Consultants - Built Environment (ICAC-BE)

GAATES is committed to deepening the recognition of practitioners who have acquired the knowledge and skills to implement accessibility standards and apply universal design principles. The GAATES certification program identifies you as an emerging, advanced or current leader in the field of accessibility, with the technical knowledge and experience to appropriately apply universal design in the built environment.

Achieving GAATES ICAC – BE certification is based on a rigorous assessment of skills and experience. Applications will include:

This material is evaluated, and once meeting the minimum requirements, followed by an interview with our Expert Panel. The Expert Panel is comprised of an internationally recognized group of experts in the field of accessibility and Universal Design. Evaluators are world leaders with experience in public, private and social sectors.


The application process assesses candidates’ knowledge and experience against a set of core competencies and skills requirements. The application process is the same for all levels. However, the core competencies and skills requirements differ for each of the three (3) certification levels as outlined here.

Further details for applicants can be accessed here, including applicable program fees and requirements of triennial recertification.

General Questions and Answers regarding the GAATES ICAC-BE Program is available in our Frequently Asked Questions that can be accessed here.

Further details of the benefits of hiring an ICAC-BE Consultant can be accessed here.

If you are interested in the ICAC-BE program and would like more details please email
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