Certified Professional in Accessible Built Environments (CPABE)

GAATES is committed to deepening the recognition of practitioners who have acquired the knowledge and skills to implement accessibility standards and apply universal design principles. The GAATES built environment certification program identifies you as an emerging, advanced, or current leader in the field of accessibility, with the technical knowledge and experience to appropriately apply universal design in the built environment.

GAATES' programming transitioned to G3ict, the Global Initiative for Inclusive Technologies, in April of 2019 and is managed in close cooperation with the SmartCities for All Initiative and the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, allowing GAATES to scale up and achieve greater global impact. This includes the CPABE program which has been incorporated into the IAAP portfolio of certification offerings.

The IAAP team has completed a detailed review of the current processes of certification and made recommendations to G3ict to streamline and scale the program. Over the next several months, G3ict and its divisions will call on its extensive network of Subject Matter Experts to develop a specific Body of Knowledge and exam to streamline application and evaluation of candidates and scale the program. The CPABE program will become a micro-credential program building on IAAP foundational certification "Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies" (CPACC).

While these program updates are developed we will continue to evaluate candidates through the existing processes in place. The next evaluation will be held in September 2020.

Information for applicants to the CPABE Program.

Criteria for Certification.

Expert Panel Members.


Those that have previously certified under the GAATES ICAC-BE program remain valid and will transition seamlessly into the updated program portfolio. As a reminder, to maintain certification you must achieve the continuing education credits as outlined at the time of certification.

If you are interested in the ICAC-BE program and would like more details please email certification@accessibilityassociation.org

Not quite ready for ICAC-BE certification? Consider the Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) certification, amongst others, currently available through IAAP.