Challenges and triumphs of accessible transportation

by Bucky Arnold Cheng

On the 20th of December, the Passenger Transportation Board of British Columbia approved 20 accessible taxicab licenses for Vancouver. While there are concerns raised about whether this will be enough, this is seen as a big victory since it helps complement the existing HandyDART (para-transit) service.

In the past, there had been issues with providing basic accessible transportation in the city. Today, the Vancouver region offers accessible features on all of its buses, SkyTrain stations, and SeaBus vessels. However, even with this impressive collection of services, there are still lingering issues. These issues are not exclusive to Vancouver – they can happen in any city and serve as further proof that full accessibility takes constant effort to achieve.

So how is accessible transportation still an issue for a place where every service offers accessibility features?

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Article reprinted with permission from the author Bucky Arnold Cheng, and original publisher of the material, The Rick Hansen Foundation.