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GAATES Program Manager – Job Posting

The Global Alliance On Accessible Technologies And Environments (GAATES)
is seeking a Program Manager to be based in Ottawa, CANADA

The Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES) is the leading international organization dedicated to the promotion of Universal Design and accessibility of the built and virtual environments.

Based in Canada, GAATES was incorporated as a not-for-profit in 2007 by an international consortium dedicated to promoting accessibility worldwide, and has an International presence in 6 regions: the Asia-Pacific, Arab, North America, South America, European and African Regions. GAATES’ membership includes but is not limited to; individuals with/without disabilities, technical experts, organizations of people with disabilities, companies involved in information and communication technologies, architects, engineers, experts in emergency planning and life safety, and interested supporters.  GAATES conducts projects around the world and has over 25 country representatives.

GAATES’ mission is to promote the understanding and implementation of accessibility of the sustainable built, social and virtual environments, including architectural and infrastructural design, transportation systems, habitat, and electronic information and communication technologies so that everyone, including persons with disabilities and older persons are able to fully participate and contribute to society.

GAATES is seeking a dynamic Program Manager to provide on-going management of GAATES for its operations, international development work, and information roles.

A strong commitment to and experience in the work of universal design and accessibility, the human rights of persons with disabilities, and the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities are required. Exceptional management, marketing, administrative and financial management skills are also required. The Program Manager must have the drive necessary to guide the implementation of GAATES ambitious growth.

Salary will be commensurate with experience.

The ideal candidate will:

  • be committed to and have a strong knowledge of an equal opportunities/human rights approach to disability
  • demonstrate a passion and commitment to accessibility and universal design
  • have an in-depth knowledge of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • have senior management experience with Disabled Persons organizations, NGOs or INGOs
  • have experience with project management of diverse, multi-cultural teams
  • have excellent communication, political and financial management skills
  • have the ability to prepare award winning project proposals
  • be familiar with NGO structures and culture at the international level
  • demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the UN and similar international institutions
  • demonstrate high level advocacy skills
  • have experience in financial management of NGO or equivalent
  • be able to work effectively in English. Other languages such as French, Arabic, etc. are an asset
  • have demonstrated innovative development and project management skills
  • experience working with the global south based organizations
  • have knowledge of project application and implementation procedures in the framework of international funding programmes.
  • have knowledge of project application and implementation procedures in the framework of international funding programmes.

Job description

The Program Manager reports to the GAATES Executive Committee.

Program Manager

Guide the day-to-day management of GAATES:

  • Ensure compliance with GAATES’ Letters Patent, By-Laws and internal rules and Industry Canada obligations;
  • Manage GAATES staff in the head office and in remote locations;
  • Oversee GAATES Committees and Task Groups;
  • Ensure co mpliance with Canada’s financial management practices and obligations;
  • Maximize use of financial resources and to control operational costs;
  • Ensure compliance with financing contracts;

Proposal Development

  • Work with Board and Membership to source and identify new projects that fit with GAATES’s capabilities;
  • Prepare project proposals and respond to requests from various international funding bodies, and national programs;
  • Manage and coordinate staffing for diverse projects around the world;
  • Delivery
  • Co-ordinate project proposals with staff, country representatives and GAATES partners;
  • Maintain an accurate and detailed weekly task list; develop and implement a work plan for projects as assigned;
  • Oversee financial management of projects and prepare periodic reports;


  • Organize governing bodies’ meetings and provide the necessary support by preparing the agendas and briefings to the President and Executive Committee members and prepare for GAATES Annual General Meeting;
  • Oversee GAATES Committees and Task Groups;


  • Maintain partnerships with UN and international NGOs, and develop strategic alliances that support the mission of GAATES, and will improve the lives of persons with disabilities around the world;
  • Maintain and foster development of GAATES collaborative agreements;
  • To develop new partnerships and relationships;
  • Expand networks of partners and collaborative agreements;


  • Oversee certification programs (DOPS and ICAC – BE);
  • Oversee Country Representative Program in coordination with Committee Chair;
  • Develop new programs in accordance with GAATES mission;


  • Mange the process and delivery of engaging communication with all the GAATES stakeholders;
  • Develop and implement the GAATES Communication plan;
  • Ensure all aspects of GAATES work and communications are fully and equally accessible for members of GAATES committees, staff, and visitors with disabilities;
  • Work collaboratively with staff and assist with maintaining the social media presence and development of newsletters;
  • Solicit, interview, write or edit featured person pieces, issue based articles, best practices, and other resources for the GAATES website and the Global Accessibility News.

Please contact GAATES Acting Executive Director Marnie Peters if you have any questions or to submit your resume, at

Applications must be received no later than 9 a.m. EST on Monday, January 9th.

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