2.5 Outdoor Play Spaces

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The Requirements in this Section apply to:
Government of Ontario, Legislative Assembly, and Designated Public Sector Organizations Private / Not-for-Profit Sector Organizations
Large Small
Yes Yes N/A

Play is a natural and important part of a child’s daily life and healthy development. All children, regardless of ability, should have the same opportunities to play. Accessible outdoor play spaces will allow all children to play together, increasing understanding and integration.

Outdoor play spaces include all areas that are planned or designed to provide children and caregivers with an opportunity to play, such as jungle gyms, splash pads and sandboxes.

Although not specifically excluded, the intent is that the Standard applies to areas with play equipment such as rocks, logs, sandboxes, etc., and not necessarily to areas designed for sport.

Accessible outdoor play spaces feature firm and stable surfaces that can support mobility aids and absorb the shock of a fall to help prevent injuries, as well as features that stimulate all senses — like a water play area or sandbox to enjoy through touch, or a sound area with chimes and other noise makers which can be enjoyed through hearing. They also incorporate active play components that allow children of all abilities to experience climbing, sliding and swinging.


Illustrated Technical Guide to the Design of Public Spaces