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Built Environment

GAATES is the leading civil society organization providing services in Universal Design and accessibility of the built environment. An environment built on the principles of Universal Design enables all users, including persons with disabilities to safely enter, use and exit the built and landscape environment. The following resources and publications have been developed by GAATES.


Each time a technological innovation has been introduced to the global marketplace there has been a subsequent impact on the potential participation of and usability by persons with disabilities. GAATES is working to ensure that information and communication technologies used to communicate, develop, disseminate and manage information are accessible to everyone. Several of the following resources and publications have been developed by GAATES.



Accessible tourism is about all people having the opportunity to travel regardless of factors such as disability or age. Barriers to tourism can take many forms from physical barriers to attitudinal ones. Accessible tourism looks to remove these existing barriers and avoid creating new ones. It is not just about accessible destinations, it is about accessibility throughout the whole experience. This begins with marketing, information, booking processes through to transportation and then facilities and attractions. Each of these are also influenced by the accessibility of their customer service.


United Nation’s Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD)

Access is seen as the route to freedom from discrimination for persons with disabilities. Entering into force on the 3 May 2008, the UN CRPD and its Optional Protocol require that states promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons with disabilities, and promote respect for their inherent dignity. GAATES mission and Strategic Plan were developed to mirror the UN CRPD and to promote the adoption and implementation of this guiding document.